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H&D at Orange Parades 2014

H&D’s staff met up with some old comrades from the National Front at the traditional July 12th celebrations in Southport, Lancashire. During... 

The 9th Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

This year’s John Tyndall Memorial meeting is again being organized by Heritage and Destiny magazine and will be held in Preston, Lancashire on Saturday... 

Lee Rigby Memorial Walks

On Saturday 24th May two memorial walks took place for Lee Rigby, a British Army soldier of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who a year ago was attacked... 

UKIP – an American View

UKIP’s Nigel Farage seeks to avoid any taint of “racism”. (a guest article by H&D reader Max Cunningham) The Citizens Informer of... 

Solidarity with Golden Dawn: H&D Assistant Editor Speaks at Greek Embassy Demo

A group of British patriots, joined by several European comrades, assemble outside the Greek Embassy on November 9th to demonstrate in solidarity with... 

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Nick Griffin quits BNP leadership


After fifteen years of wasted opportunity, vicious factional cronyism and blatant corruption, Nick Griffin has stepped down as chairman of the British National Party.

The new BNP chairman will be Durham-based activist Adam Walker, whose own North East region has seen one of the party’s greatest catastrophes. At this year’s elections the BNP was unable to field a single candidate in any of the North East’s council areas, and the only nationalist campaigns in the entire region were fought by the rival British Democratic Party.

New BNP chairman Adam Walker (left) with Japanese nationalist leader Mitsuhiro Kimura at a 2010 conference in Tokyo.

Mr Walker has already been criticised by some BNP members for having a Japanese wife, for his liaison with Japanese nationalists in 2010 and for the error of judgement which led to his suspended jail sentence and a lifetime ban from teaching, after he had pursued three schoolchildren and slashed their bicycle tyres with a Stanley knife.

Heritage and Destiny will report in its next issue on the latest developments inside the BNP and on the potential for a post-Griffin rebuilding of the British nationalist movement.

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