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H&D assistant editor in Germany

Heritage and Destiny assistant editor Peter Rushton joined veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds and Voice of Albion radio host Paul Hickman as British delegates... 

The 9th Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

This year’s John Tyndall Memorial meeting is again being organized by Heritage and Destiny magazine and will be held in Preston, Lancashire on Saturday... 

League of Empire Loyalists – history project

The League of Empire Loyalists book is still progressing, and Candour is launching an appeal to help improve it. Rob Black is busting a gut to make this... 

H&D at Orange Parades 2014

H&D’s staff met up with some old comrades from the National Front at the traditional July 12th celebrations in Southport, Lancashire. During... 

Lee Rigby Memorial Walks

On Saturday 24th May two memorial walks took place for Lee Rigby, a British Army soldier of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who a year ago was attacked... 

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George Galloway assault: Britain First Facebook ‘friend’ charged

George Galloway MP shortly after the attack in Notting Hill on Friday night

Controversial MP and anti-Zionist campaigner George Galloway was attacked in the street near Notting Hill’s Portobello Road market on Friday night.  Galloway was taken to hospital suffering from suspected broken ribs and a broken jaw.

His assailant was reported to have been shouting about the “Holocaust” shortly before the attack.

According to the BBC, police have arrested 39-year-old Neil Masterson and charged him with “religiously aggravated assault”.  What the BBC has not reported is that Masterson appears to be a fanatical Zionist (and as it happens a Manchester City fan).

His Facebook “friends” include a host of Jewish and Christian Zionist individuals and groups, as well as Britain First, the militant anti-Islamic group run by former BNP official Paul Golding, until recently under the auspices of Nick Griffin’s former right hand man Jim Dowson.

On August 12th, two weeks before the assault, Masterson posted on a Facebook page ‘United with Israel’:
“No other military in the world comes close to the IDF, in terms of operational, legislative brakes on its command structure… Israel bows to no one in maintaing the highest standards of human rights.”

We understand that Mr Masterson is a Roman Catholic and was originally from the Preston area, but is now living in North London.

Neil Masterson, ultra-Zionist charged with assaulting George Galloway MP


Posts made a month ago by Neil Masterson on an Israeli propagandist Facebook site, Friends of IDF

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