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Yorkshire Forum – November 26th 2016

A meeting of the Yorkshire Forum will be held in the usual Bradford venue on Saturday November 26th. Speakers include: Andrew Brons, former MEP for Yorkshire... 

BNP leadership tries to mislead members

Another tall tale from Adam Walker, BNP clown and crook. In a video posted online following the BNP’s recent lost deposit at the Batley & Spen... 

South West Forum: 29th October 2016

The inaugural meeting of the South West Forum will take place in the Bristol area on October 29th 2016. Speakers will include Richard Edmonds of the National... 

Steve Tyler RIP

We greatly regret to announce the death of our nationalist comrade Steve Tyler, who died from cancer on October 17th.   Richard Edmonds, a longtime... 

Nationalist Unity or Racial Genocide – the choice is yours!

50 years on from the creation of the National Front, veteran nationalist Eddy Morrison reports on the choice we now face I am a founder member of the... 

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UK journalists report lies of crack cocaine addict

Todd Blodgett (right) with Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office, 1988.

Todd Blodgett (right) with Ronald Reagan in the Oval Office, 1988.

Most of the UK media has been responsible in accurately reporting that Thomas Mair – convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment this week for murdering Labour MP Jo Cox – had no involvement with nationalist parties or groups.

For example a Financial Times journalist interviewed H&D editor Mark Cotterill.

Unfortunately one or two other media outlets (notably ITV News and the Daily Telegraph) have behaved disgracefully by repeating the blatant lies of Todd Blodgett, an FBI informant and crack cocaine addict whose first appearance on the political scene was as part of a male prostitution ring involving fellow drug abusers and perverts in the Reagan White House.

H&D‘s Mark Cotterill dealt with Blodgett’s lies in detail many weeks ago. (PDF courtesy of Financial Times.)  To recap briefly for Fleet Street’s hard of thinking: Todd Blodgett claims to have met Thomas Mair at a meeting of prominent British nationalists in 2000.  While Blodgett did travel to London to attend such a meeting, it was in 1998 (not 2000) and Thomas Mair did not attend.  In fact to the best of our knowledge Mair never attended any nationalist meeting or activity – and most certainly would not have been invited to a gathering of high-level activists, since no-one had ever met him or knew anything about him.

Aside from ordering books and other items from a U.S. based mail order firm, and subscribing to a South African journal run by Alan Harvey (one of the most pro-Israel and anti-“nazi” individuals in the pro-White movement), Mair had no contact with any nationalists in the UK or abroad.

Law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Atlantic now have questions to answer.

  • Have any UK police or security agencies encouraged the use of Blodgett’s lies by briefing British journalists about non-existent “ties” between Mair and nationalist groups?
  • Assuming that Blodgett reported back to his FBI paymasters following his 1998 trip to London, did the FBI share this information with MI5 and Scotland Yard?  If so, then both British and American agencies have known for 18 years the full attendance list from that meeting: and know perfectly well that Mair wasn’t there.  Has the FBI briefed journalists with the true story, or have they collaborated in the lies?
  • We now know that Blodgett was working for the FBI by about the turn of the millennium – but was he reporting to the FBI at any earlier stage?  Specifically, was he working for the FBI when he was part of the White House vice ring in 1988?  Was Blodgett’s involvement with male prostitution and illegal drugs (including cocaine) sanctioned by the FBI?

Some left-liberal journalists have complained that Thomas Mair was not charged with terrorist offences, and have suggested that this indicated bias by the police and prosecutors, who would not have hesitated to charge a Muslim with “terrorism” in similar circumstances. Senior police officers have been bumbling and evasive in their response to these complaints.

It’s time for the police to admit the simple reason why they didn’t charge Mair with terrorism.  Had they done so, they would have been required in court to establish the extent of Mair’s political involvement.  They could not do so because there was no such involvement.  Even the much publicised contents of Mair’s bookshelf were not “nazi” books – they were books by “mainstream” authors (including Jews such as Deborah Lipstadt and Gerald Posner) about national socialist / racialist / conspiracy theory topics.

The simple truth is that Mair was a nutter not a “nazi”.  For a combination of political and financial reasons, it has suited the likes of Todd Blodgett and his former paymasters in the secret world to pretend otherwise.

The Washington Times lead story in 1989 that exposed Todd Blodgett and his vice ring colleagues.

The Washington Times lead story in 1989 that exposed Todd Blodgett and his vice ring colleagues.

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