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Record attendance at John Tyndall memorial

More than 120 Nationalists from a broad range of parties and factions gathered in the old English city of Preston, Lancashire, on 11th October 2014 for... 

The 9th Annual John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

This year’s John Tyndall Memorial meeting is again being organized by Heritage and Destiny magazine and will be held in Preston, Lancashire on Saturday... 

E.N. Ronn on the BNP’s Vulture Fund

Heritage and Destiny correspondent E.N. Ronn has written a comprehensive analysis of the twice-bankrupted former BNP chairman Nick Griffin, and his latest... 

H&D assistant editor in Germany

Heritage and Destiny assistant editor Peter Rushton joined veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds and Voice of Albion radio host Paul Hickman as British delegates... 

League of Empire Loyalists – history project

The League of Empire Loyalists book is still progressing, and Candour is launching an appeal to help improve it. Rob Black is busting a gut to make this... 

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Eurosceptic Parliamentary Group Collapses

The UKIP-dominated group of Members of the European Parliament has collapsed, costing UKIP more than £1.6m.

Earlier this year Heritage and Destiny explained that the supposed growth of the Right in European politics – meaning anything to the right of mainstream conservatism – was in truth divided into at least three broad tendencies.  This meant that in practice it would be difficult for any of these tendencies to recruit sufficient members from different European Union countries to form a valid group within the European Parliament.

Parliamentary rules require that such groups must have MEPs from at least seven countries.  Farage’s UKIP-dominated alliance earlier this year managed to entice one member of Marine Le Pen’s French Front National to defect, meaning that his ‘Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy’ group (EFDD) had hit the required target with members from the UK, Italy, Sweden, France, Latvia, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately for UKIP the Latvian MEP Iveta Grigule has now defected to sit as an independent, so the EFDD no longer clears the seven-country hurdle.

The proposed nationalist group of MEPs led by Marine Le Pen had already failed to clear this hurdle several months ago, as it had only secured members from France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.

Mme Le Pen had earlier chosen to exclude from her planned group harder-line nationalists from Germany, Hungary and Greece.

So now we are left with a situation where there is no valid group within the European Parliament representing any of the three broad tendencies of the European Right: those obsessed by the constitutional issue of the EU; those who recognise racial realities but are embarrassed by some aspects of 20th century European nationalist parties, including the ‘Jewish question’; and those who continue to maintain traditional racial nationalism unafraid of such questions.

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