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South West Forum: 29th October 2016

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Yorkshire Forum – October 2016 meeting

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Victims of Communism – and British government hypocrisy

H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton joined former NF and BNP national organiser Richard Edmonds and London Forum founder Jez Turner at a demonstration... 

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Some good news for a change! David Duke qualifies for U.S. Senate election debate

David Duke campaigning for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, 2016

David Duke campaigning for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana, 2016

With Hillary Clinton now almost certain to become U.S. President at next month’s elections, we’ve been short of some good news from the other side of the Atlantic!

But today we learn that the brave White Rights and free speech campaigner David Duke has shocked the establishment by qualifying for a televised debate in the race for a U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana.

The state of Louisiana has a unique ‘open primary’ system in which a large number of candidates compete in a first-round election (on November 8th, the same day as the Presidential election and many other Senate and Congressional contests).  The top two candidates from this first round then go into a run-off on December 3rd.

From 1989 to 1992 David Duke was an elected member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and is by far the most successful nationalist candidate of modern times in U.S. politics.  In 1990 he was runner-up in a U.S. Senate election in Lousiana, polling 43.5% statewide (607,091 votes)!  Then in 1991 he was again runner-up in the contest for Governor of Louisiana, polling 31.7% in the first round and qualifying for the run-off against Democrat Edwin Edwards, the most powerful figure in Louisiana politics at the time.  In the 1991 run-off Duke polled 38.8% (671,009 votes).

In the 1996 Senate primary Duke stood again, this time finishing in fourth place with 11.5% (141,489 votes).

In 2016 it has proved more difficult for Duke to raise funds and campaign, for all of the usual reasons that H&D readers will understand.  Yet he has again shocked the establishment by meeting the 5% opinion poll threshold to qualify for a primetime televised debate which will be broadcast across Louisiana on November 2nd.

Arguably our movement’s most effective media performer (certainly in the English-speaking world), David Duke is sure to make the most of this opportunity.  As he posted on Twitter yesterday: “I can’t wait to tell truth nobody else dares!”

David Duke's sensational second place in the 1992 gubernatorial election made front page news

David Duke’s sensational second place in the 1991 gubernatorial election made front page news

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