Book Review: Lynched by Frank Borzellieri

A Conservative's Life on a New York City School Board

Published by Cultural Studies Press; ISBN 0-9780-9815-40719; 194pp; Softback

Lynched by Frank Borzellieri - Book Cover

The hero – and that is a title Frank Borzillieri has well earned – and author of this book upheld those Eurocentric, civilized values Americans call “conservative” even if they would make Britain’s David Cameron curl up and gibber, in the Politically Correct Heart of Darkness that is the New York education system for eleven years. Not merely speaking out as a brave lone voice of sanity in the jungle of multiculturalist chaos but mobilising ever more popular support from the community as he did so.

As in many parts of the US, schools in New York have historically been governed by elected District School Boards made up not merely of parents but of any member of the local community who could be elected by residents of their District. In the wake of a well-publicised stand against the leftist “Rainbow Curriculum” by the School Board of District 24 in the multiethnic inner-city area of Queens, Mr Borzillieri put himself forward for election as an avowed (US-sense!) conservative in 1993, imagining he would be bolstering a like-minded majority on the Board. His platform got him elected in third place, even though he was a relative unknown.

However, he rapidly discovered that he was in fact the only genuinely committed upholder of traditional values on that Board. Even Mary Cummins, the Board member who had led the resistance to the multiculturalist Rainbow Curriculum, turned out to be a politically muddled old dear who voted with what turned out to be a mostly liberal-leftist Board two-thirds of the time. Most of the rest of the Board were confused White liberals, who as Mr Borzellieri points out eagerly promoted anti-White, multicultural policies whilst themselves living in safe all-White areas and sending their own children to similar schools. Such a cowardly

and confused canaille were easy meat for the hard-core anti-White leftist minority on the Board, who had no real difficulty, apart from the brief kicking at the traces over the Rainbow Curriculum, in imposing their agenda on the education of schoolchildren in the area.

Frank Borzellieri, however, demonstrated the qualities the lack of which have enabled cosmopolitan leftists, though a tiny minority whose views the majority despise, to impose an agenda on education, the media and culture and society across the West which would have been regarded as an impossible fantasy of the triumph of insane lunacy if depicted in some dystopian science fiction story written fifty years ago. Mr Borzellieri clearly combines courage and outspokenness with a clear, ideologically-coherent vision of what he is fighting for, which enables him to see and understand, and therefore effectively oppose, what is being done.

His book describes that struggle, which saw him re-elected twice with increased votes to the Board, finally topping the poll and only being deprived of his place on it after eleven years when the liberal-leftist New York City regime fronted for by kosher-“conservative” Mayor Rudy Giuliani, fed up with losing the game, kicked the board over by scrapping directly-elected School Boards and replacing even the sham of community control over their own children’s education with directly appointed bureaucrats.

During those eleven years Mr Borzellieri waged a one-man guerrilla war, trying to remove from school bookshelves such works as “Jambo Means Hello –a Swahili Alphabet Book”, “Daddy’s Roommate” and “Heather Has Two Mommies” which introduce under-sevens to the “delights” of the homosexual life. Whilst seeking to put books into schools depicting the history of America as anything other than centuries of racist oppression of gentle, civilized Red Indians and racially superior African “sun people” by bigoted White colonialist “ice people”. However the liberals used the fact that at most one or two of Mr Borzellieri’s colleagues on the Board would ever even slightly stand up to them to protect young minds from such Nazi rants, screeds of hate, and warrants for genocide as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s infamous racist poem Paul Revere’s Ride!

Mr Borzellieri stood alone against the suicidal (for the perpetrators in the long run as much as the victims) drive to brainwash a nation’s children into contempt for their own country and guilt and shame at their own culture, whilst inculcating exactly the opposite in the rising generation of ever greater hordes of alien immigrants, legal and otherwise, colonising the great cities of America. He brilliantly exposes the cowardice and confusion of the White cattle driven to this – perhaps one day literal – slaughter, incisively seeing the root of their collaboration in their own downfall in sheeplike conformism, combined with media

Frank Borzellieri

-inculcated guilt which makes them fear above all else being denounced as “racist”, and gutless hypocrisy rather than, in almost all cases, any actual real belief in the core values of the Enemy. After reading this book I have no doubt that almost all of the White School Board members who cowered and conformed to the multi-culti line and denounced their lone dissident as a “racist and hater” would just as eagerly - and worthlessly - brayed the praises of Adolf Hitler or Joe Stalin if history had turned out differently!

This book is a racy and readable tale of the courage of its author, heartily recommended. Even if British readers will note that – howled down and abused as he may have been – Mr Borzellieri had it easier than a counterpart on this side of the Atlantic would have had. He was not physically beaten up by gangs of Red thugs, driven from his job, his home

attacked etc. His adversaries have yet to undermine two of the great contributions of the founders of the United States to its citizens’ freedom – the First and Second Amendments to the US Constitution. The first guaranteeing the right to freedom of speech and the second enabling its people to defend that right. They are, of course, working on doing that – long may the likes of Frank Borzellieri stand firm against them!

However, there is one final lesson to be drawn from this book that Mr Borzellieri doesn’t himself impart. The need not merely for courage and commitment but also for organization. When he stood for re-election to New York School Board 24, the much-reviled Frank Borzellieri not only topped the poll, he received three times the vote of the candidate who came second. He was similarly triumphant winning a third term. But he remained a lone voice, able to speak out, certainly, but not actually do anything. In all his eleven years, he only managed to win on one issue, going down to glorious, principled defeat on everything else. He upheld the Light certainly, but he did not check the relentless onward tide of Darkness. Yet no reason emerges from his account why he could not have organised and endorsed a slate of like-minded candidates who, judging by his own results, would have swept the board. Taking control of School Board 24 and actually being able to do something to defend America’s identity and values. Indeed, giving themselves a launchpad from which a foothold on New York City Council might have been secured, and so on.

For if America is to save itself, like the rest of the West, it needs more than lone heroes mounting gallant last stands. It needs an organised, disciplined, ideologically committed political army able to wage war and win battles. Should such emerge, though, Frank Borzellieri has proved he has the bravery, and the brainpower, and the articulacy, to play a key command role. But it is armies, not lone heroes, that win wars, cultural and political as well as military. America needs more Frank Borzellieris. But it also needs them to organise around a coherent and realistic strategy to win their country back.

Reviewed by: Ian Freeman, Northwich, Cheshire

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