Steve Tyler RIP

We greatly regret to announce the death of our nationalist comrade Steve Tyler, who died from cancer on October 17th.


Richard Edmonds, a longtime friend and colleague of Steve’s most recently in the NF and during the 1990s in the BNP, writes:

A short time ago, Steve was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis came much too late; the illness had the man in its grip. Steve was stoical, he was clearly in some pain but he did not tell us the cause, the deadly cause, till almost the end. A short while ago he was hospitalised, with the hope of recovering, but it was not to be.


Steve first joined up in the early 1990s. He was one of our regulars in the East End of London at our regular BNP sales pitch at Brick Lane, Bethnal Green (near to Liverpool Street station). Steve put his heart into all the campaigns that made the BNP a house-hold name; all those Rights for Whites marches through Bethnal Green, all those election campaigns in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets: campaign after campaign until we won the historic victory of the election of Councillor Derek Beackon at Millwall ward in September 1993. Steve was one hundred per-cent with the rest of us in the exhilarating and triumphant series of political successes that we obtained for the long-suffering British of East London. Those successes made the BNP a house-hold name, nation-wide. Steve was part of that.

Later his life moved on, but in more recent times he made a most welcome return to active nationalism. Right up to the end, Steve played a major part in our London team’s efforts in the National Front LEAVE campaign. He shared our joy and satisfaction at the Brexit victory: another political triumph against all the odds. Always a most pleasant man to know, friendly, educated, intelligent, positive, a committed patriot and racial comrade.

Steve, you will not be forgotten.

Steve Tyler (left) with fellow NF Brexit campaigners John Jones and Derek Beackon in June 2016

Steve Tyler (left) with fellow NF Brexit campaigners John Jones and Derek Beackon in June 2016

H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton adds:

Steve Tyler was the first nationalist parliamentary candidate I ever campaigned for – when he was standing for the BNP in the Bermondsey constituency in 1992.  That was a lively campaign: I remember flyposting BNP posters with Steve and his election agent Jim White in a shopping centre called The Blue, where we had to break off every so often to hide from the police! Thirteen years later an official Metropolitan Police report described The Blue as having become a crime hotspot for “race crime and youth disorder”, so perhaps Scotland Yard realise they should have been on our side all along!

Steve was an excellent, committed, intelligent nationalist – so it was no surprise that he returned to active politics after a few years away from the movement.  Nor was it any surprise that when he returned it was to the NF rather than the sad shadow that is the present-day BNP.  In our last issue of H&D readers will have seen a photo of Steve campaigning for Brexit with fellow NF activists on the Harold Hill estate in East London. A few weeks later on August 7th I met Steve for the last time at an anti-communist commemoration in Kensington. He had also been at the Forgotten British Heroes event off Trafalgar Square the previous weekend.

When this country comes to its senses and nationalists begin to redress the damage inflicted by the years of treason post-1945, we shall have men like Steve Tyler to thank – the men who were prepared to stand on the frontline campaigning for Race and Nation.

NF’s Richard Edmonds to contest Batley by-election

Richard Edmonds, NF candidate at the Batley & Spen by-election

Richard Edmonds, NF candidate at the Batley & Spen by-election

Richard Edmonds of the National Front will contest the parliamentary by-election in the West Yorkshire constituency of Batley & Spen.  Polling day is October 20th.

Mr Edmonds began his involvement in British nationalism following an impressive NF result at another famous by-election, at Uxbridge in 1972 where the NF polled 8.7%, convincing many patriots (including Richard) that they represented a serious alternative to our corrupt and treacherous political establishment.

Some years earlier Richard graduated with a first class honours degree in Electronic Engineering. After working as a schoolteacher and later with the telecommunications company Cable & Wireless, he devoted a large part of his life to nationalist politics, including most of the 1990s as proprietor of a nationalist bookshop and party headquarters in Welling.  He achieved the best racial nationalist result of the 1992 General Election, polling 3.6% in Bethnal Green & Stepney.

During the early 2000s Richard returned to teaching for a few years, before rejoining the struggle to reclaim Britain for the British, as a National Front activist.

Launching his campaign earlier today, Richard Edmonds pointed out that “one quarter of all the births in this country are to mothers themselves born overseas, …it is time and it is legitimate to put the interests of our people first.

“It is time for a British voice to speak up loud and clear: Put the British people First. That British voice is the voice of the National Front.”

Click here for further information about the National Front and Richard’s campaign.


Nationalist Unity or Racial Genocide – the choice is yours!


50 years on from the creation of the National Front, veteran nationalist Eddy Morrison reports on the choice we now face

I am a founder member of the National Front, one of the few still active (my old Comrade, Andrew Brons was also a Founder member and is now the Chairman of the British Democratic Party).

I know of others, some ex-Union Movement such as Keith Thompson (League of St. George) and Colin Todd (Organiser of the Candour Organisation) to name but only two. I would say there are probably hundreds of White Nationalists from my generation of the 60’s and early 70’s who in some way are still fighting the good fight.

A month or so back I attended the funeral of Keith ‘Beefy ‘ Taylor, tragically dying in his early fifties, and was both astounded and encouraged to see over sixty White Nationalists also paying their respects. They came from many groups and no groups but they were unified for those few precious hours to say their farewells to a good and steady White Patriot, Beefy – also a long term member of the National Front.

One old Comrade asked me after the service ‘Did we all waste our time Eddy?’

My reply was this – NO we did not waste our time for we can say to our children and grandchildren that at least WE FOUGHT!

But reflecting back is it not a greater tragedy that it takes the death of a Comrade to give us total Nationalist Unity even for a few short hours?

I am reminded of the old Norse saying:
“Cattle die and kinsman die and one day you and I shall die. All that will remain is the fame of a dead man’s deeds”

So the fight goes on as it must. We have no real choice. It’s either victory or racial death. For us; for our children and for generations yet unborn.

Looking at the fractured British Nationalist scene I see a number of groups who, if United soon can form the nucleus of what must become a mass movement.

As White Nationalists I recognise the NF; the BDP; England First; British Movement; National Action and the various ‘Infidel’ style groups spread throughout the country. and the Alternative Right Forums which are doing great work and some elements of what’s left of the BNP.

Two organisations I would NOT add are the pro-Zionist Britain First Party and the ludicrous New British Union which has stated it is not a racial Nationalist Party and indeed I am led to believe that its prime member has condoned mixed race marriages.


Now you will be saying ‘Hang on but….” about some of the groups I have listed. That is the wrong way of thinking about the desperate need for British Nationalist Unity.

All old personality clashes, some dating back decades MUST come to an end for the greater good of the Cause itself.

I have to make a case for what a United Front should be – and I have to conclude it MUST be the National Front.

50 years ago this coming February, the NF was formed by disparate groups who patched up their differences and created the National Front.

I would argue then that there is no need for another name to be thrown into the barrel because the NF with its wide range of policies has something to offer all the varying shades of opinion across the British Nationalist Spectrum.

This is why we have seen so many others rise only to fall after a few years whilst the resilient NF soldiers on.

A.K. Chesterton, founding chairman of the National Front

A.K. Chesterton, founding chairman of the National Front

2017 is a watershed year for our Movement. It marks in February our 50th Anniversary. This will take the form of the biggest indoor rally we can mount and this is an open invite for all these groups mentioned to be welcomed by the Front.

On strategy and tactics there is always room for manoeuvre and I believe that the NF’s policy of elections coupled with constant Street activity is a winning formula.

The Trump phenomenon in the USA; Brexit and the rise of the Alt Right across Europe and America is growing so strong that we can really call it the first real challenge to the Globalist Tyrants such as the Jewish George Soros and the evil of Hilary Clinton.

The victories of the Alt Right must be seen as a breakthrough against the Liberal Marxist Hegemony and behind the Alt Right there is us – the Racial Nationalists.

Let them open the door for such as we so that it gives us entry to go up against the World Enemy of old but this time with a real chance of victory.

Time is running out fast for our White Race so the choice is YOURS – Victory through Unity or White Racial Genocide.

Keith “Beefy” Taylor R.I.P.


I received this email over the weekend from a comrade in Leeds.

Sad news today, that an old comrade and NS activist Beefy Taylor from Leeds died today of cancer. He’d been very ill for a while and this news has brought tears to my eyes as did seeing him when he was ill. I will not remember Beefy’s last few months, I will always remember him as a brave street fighter for the National Front, one who terrified the reds and flew our flag wherever he wanted to. Rest in peace comrade Beefy, see you in Valhalla!

KW – Leeds, Yorkshire.

“Beefy” died of cancer, in a hospice in Headingley, Leeds this weekend, aged only 52. He was an active nationalist in his native Leeds, for almost all his adult life.

Keith – known as Beefy to most of his friends (for obvious reasons if you knew him!) – was the younger brother of Pete, a former Leeds NF branch organizer in the 1980s, and came from a real family of nationalists. His father Bob (who will be better known to nationalists from outside Yorkshire) ran Leeds branch for many years and his mother, sister Karen, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law also served on the Leeds committee at times over the years – a real family of Leeds nationalists.

I knew Beefy’s brother Pete better, as for a couple of years Pete was stationed in Plymouth, with in the Royal Navy; at the time I was South West organizer for the NF. Pete would travel up from Plymouth to Torquay/Exeter to meet us for NF activities. Pete served in the Royal Navy for nine years and served in the Falklands War.

Beefy travelled down from Leeds to Exeter once to take us on at football! A Leeds NF XI played a Devon NF team. I can’t remember a whole lot about the game, which took place on a proper rented football pitch, apart from the fact that Leeds NF (like Leeds United!) were not the cleanest of teams, and not many of our side wanted to tackle Beefy! As you would expect Leeds NF won, but we didn’t hold that against them and enjoyed an enjoyable few drinks with them afterwards.

Beefy and Pete sold nationalist papers for many years in Leeds city centre and also at Elland Road, home of Leeds United F.C., every home game. And like many nationalists they were regulars at Elland Road until they started signing loads of black players and getting involved in anti-racism campaigns.

In fact Pete wrote to the club to object. The club said they didn’t want support like his and offered to refund his season ticket. A man of principle he took them up on their offer, but he couldn’t bring himself to support any of Leeds’ West Yorkshire rivals so he started travelling to Scarborough to support the local team there – Scarborough Athletic. Two years before he died he moved to Scarborough where he continued to support the football team and also helped the local BNP group to get off the ground.

Beefy however stayed in Leeds, and not being a big fan of Nick Griffin and his modernising, kept out of the post-John Tyndall BNP for the most part. He still supported JT and was there outside the Court, for the famous Race Hate trial in Leeds, shortly before JT died. I remember being in the pub afterwards with Beefy, JT, Richard Edmonds and myself all having a drink and going over the day’s events.

Beefy was a good nationalist. He will be sorely missed.

A full obituary to Keith Taylor will appear in a future issue of Heritage and Destiny magazine.

Mark Cotterill

Keith "Beefy" Taylor with John Tyndall and veteran Bradford nationalist and loyalist Dave Brown – sadly all three are now no longer with us.

Keith “Beefy” Taylor with John Tyndall and veteran Bradford nationalist and loyalist Dave Brown – sadly all three are now no longer with us.

Ex-NF ‘political soldier’ closes down party

Phil Andrews (far right) on the NF's 1986 Remembrance Day march alongside fellow activists from the 'political soldier' faction including (left to right) Derek Holland, Graham Williamson and Nick Griffin

Phil Andrews (far right) on the NF’s 1986 Remembrance Day march alongside fellow activists from the ‘political soldier’ faction including (left to right) Derek Holland, Graham Williamson and Nick Griffin

Phil Andrews was one of the leading young activists in the National Front during the 1980s, closely associated with the ‘political soldier’ or ‘cadre’ faction alongside Derek Holland, Nick Griffin and the Italian fugitive Roberto Fiore. They were perhaps best known for their support of the Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi.

This faction became the ‘International Third Position’ at the end of the 1980s, and after its collapse Phil Andrews renounced nationalism while staying in politics as a community activist in West London.

Mr Andrews himself was elected as a councillor and the residents group he helped create – known as the Independent Community Group – eventually held the balance of power with six seats in the London Borough of Hounslow. Ironically (for someone who was once counted among the most ‘radical’ of NF activists), Cllr Andrews and his colleagues used their positions to form a local coalition with the Conservatives.

In 2010 all of the ICG councillors were defeated and they failed to regain any seats at the next elections in 2014. Now the party has been wound up.

Phil Andrews (left) with two fellow ICG candidates during their 2014 election campaign. Neither of his colleagues had any NF connections.

Phil Andrews (left) with two fellow ICG candidates during their 2014 election campaign. Neither of his colleagues had any NF connections.

Phil Andrews told his local newspaper:
“We are clearly entering into a new phase. Where we had hoped to persuade the powers that be that engagement with an active and organised community could be mutually beneficial, what we appear to have done is to have hardened attitudes.
“Their (Hounslow Labour Party) response to losing elections to local residents was to draft in outside help, using the sophisticated national machine at their disposal to smother local efforts.
“And in office their attitude has been to deceive, coerce and bully rather than to listen, as the disgraceful harassment of community activist Paul Slattery in Brentford has demonstrated.
“In response, the community has mobilised, but that mobilisation has risen organically from a variety of sources rather than from one organised body. That mobilisation needs to be supported and its momentum maintained. To be frank the ICG approach had become dated and predictable.”

Jock Spooner, 1943-2016

We greatly regret to announce the death today in Adelaide, Australia, of H&D‘s great friend, comrade and patron Jock Spooner.

Jock will be remembered by many readers as a dynamic NF organiser in Birmingham during the 1970s.

Born on St George’s Day in 1943, he had worked in Australia for many years before retirement, and remained a generous supporter of nationalist causes right up to his last moment. Despite years of serious illness, Jock had an active retirement, travelling the world to pursue his interests in history and archaeology. He was a loyal and valued supporter of many good causes, including the Australian academic Dr Fred Töben who was infamously threatened with extradition from London to Germany in 2008 under a European Arrest Warrant.


Jock Spooner (far left) with comrades (left to right) Dr Fredrick Toben, Joseph Smith, Peter Hartung and Dave Astin at the Newmarket Hotel in Port Adelaide, South Australia, in 2015.

Jock Spooner (far left) with comrades (left to right) Dr Fredrick Toben, Joseph Smith, Peter Hartung and Dave Astin at the Newmarket Hotel in Port Adelaide, South Australia, in 2015.

Several of Jock’s old mates including the H&D team will be raising a glass or three in his memory later today. A full obituary will appear in the next edition of the magazine.

NF chairman steps down

Kevin Bryan has stepped down as chairman of the National Front, Britain’s longest established nationalist party, handing over to his deputy Dave MacDonald. Earlier this year Kev had a very serious road accident and has suffered continuing ill-health. However he will remain a member of the NF executive.

The video below shows Kev addressing a recent South London NF meeting, preceded by veteran nationalist Richard Edmonds.

Kev is originally from the East Midlands and joined the BNP there, but moved to North West England more than twenty years ago where he became a leading activist in the Rochdale branch.

As a supporter of the late John Tyndall, Kev’s days in the BNP were always likely to be numbered once Nick Griffin took over, and he joined his North West colleague Chris Jackson in quitting the party at the end of 2009 and joining the NF.

He soon became deputy chairman and succeeded Ian Edward as NF leader in 2013 in complicated circumstances which were eventually resolved in Kev’s favour by the Electoral Commission.

New chairman Dave MacDonald is based in Aberdeen, a fact which has inspired the “anti-fascist” constitutional scholars of Hope Not Hate to make fools of themselves (again). Today’s article by previously unknown HnH scribe Sarah Archibald comments:

don’t expect his elevation – unelected and without consultation – to last. From where else candidates might emerge we don’t know but the eternal mid-Lothian question will undoubtedly rear its head.

We must return Miss Archibald’s homework with three comments in red ink:

1) Deputy chairmen normally replace chairmen when ill-health forces them to step down – that’s part of a deputy’s function…

2) Being based in Scotland is hardly a disqualification for the leader of a UK party – during the last 25 years Labour and the Lib Dems have each had two party leaders based north of the border (John Smith, Gordon Brown, Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell).

3) By “the eternal mid-Lothian question”, Miss Archibald presumably means the so-called “West Lothian question”. Scottish political geography is clearly not her strong point.

Terry Denville-Faulkner RIP

Those readers who attended this year’s John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in Preston will remember the reference by Andrew Brons to an NF member – Terry Denville-Faulkner – who used to sell party literature at the BBC!

We have since heard that the intrepid nationalist in question, Terry Denville-Faulkner, died on Monday 26th October. In 1976 he was NF candidate in a high-profile parliamentary by-election in Carshalton, polling 1,851 votes (4.6%).

Terry Denville-Faulkner (right) in a touring production of 'Charley's Aunt' in 1999.

Terry Denville-Faulkner (right) in a touring production of Charley’s Aunt in 1999.

At the 1979 general election he contested the same constituency, but in common with the rest of the party’s candidates his vote declined substantially as Tory leader Margaret Thatcher succeeded in stealing the NF’s clothes to portray her party (falsely) as anti-immigration: Terry Denville-Faulkner’s 1979 vote was 919 (1.8%).

Finally in 1983 with the nationalist movement divided and the NF on the verge of a near-terminal split, he fought Twickenham (pretty much a no-hope area for nationalists) polling 234 votes (0.5%).

Most remarkably throughout his active campaigning for the NF, Terry Denville-Faulkner maintained a successful career as a stage, film and television actor. His professional name was Terrance Denville.

Terry Denville-Faulkner (right) in the controversial 1969 ITV comedy 'Curry and Chips', the first television series to tackle racial issues, which was cancelled after six episodes.

Terry Denville-Faulkner (right) in the controversial 1969 ITV comedy Curry and Chips, the first television series to tackle racial issues, which was cancelled after six episodes.

His last television appearance was in the BBC comedy series Miranda in 2010, and he appeared in nine episodes of Doctor Who between 1968 and 1974.  In 1995 he had a part in the James Bond film GoldenEye.

Had more Britons shown the courage and commitment of Terry Denville-Faulkner during the 1970s, Britain would be a very different place.

Terry Denville-Faulkner in one of his final stage roles in 2010, in Alan Ayckbourn's 'Private Fears in Public Places'.

Terry Denville-Faulkner in one of his final stage roles in 2010, in Alan Ayckbourn’s Private Fears in Public Places.

Video from 2015 John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

Video footage is now online from the 10th John Tyndall Memorial Meeting, organised by Heritage and Destiny in Preston, Lancashire on 10th October 2015.

A DVD will be available soon: for details email







National Front victory in Dover

Around 200 nationalists attended a very well organised National Front demonstration in Dover against the tide of immigration, which has already created a crisis across Europe and yet again threatens our shores.

NF demonstrators defeated the red rabble in Dover yesterday

NF demonstrators defeated the red rabble in Dover yesterday

Anti-fascist thugs attempted their usual tactics of violent disruption, but this time the forces of red reaction were decisively defeated on the streets of Dover by the NF and allied nationalists from various groups.

Kent Police failed to secure the streets of Dover, so NF activists did the job themselves – very effectively!!!

Congratulations to the National Front and all brave patriots who turned out in Dover yesterday.

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF's anti-immigration demo in Dover yesterday

Richard Edmonds addresses the NF’s anti-immigration demo in Dover yesterday

kent nf banner


One of the defeated “anti-fascists” posted this report to an anarchist forum:

We can’t kid around or attempt to save face, or obscure the truth for propaganda purposes, AFN (Anti-Fascist Network) were destroyed in Dover today. Six Comrades went to hospital, and if wasn’t for the police it would have been a lot more. We were outnumbered and outgunned by the Fascists, who were up for a fight from moment one, and had the sufficient mix of booze and steroids to be essentially unstoppable.

I did not think it had to be impressed on people the importance of opposing genuine white nationalists making a demonstration at an immigration detention centre, but as 3 half empty coaches left from London it was clear I was wrong.

Today was a massive victory for the far right, for the ones on the street and the ones off it. Those who were there today felt the rush of victory for the first time in years, and for those on the far right that have been convinced that there is no point to street demonstrations, today will have changed this for many of them.

I am afraid today, that within the context of the ”migrant crisis”, Dover will mark a real resurgence in far right street politics. A street filled with fascists will never be one that is safe for anyone, especially those without white skin.

From this moment on we all must take all fascist demonstrations extremely seriously, and we need everyone that is physically able to attend all future demonstrations. If you are truly in ”Solidarity with Refugees” then you need to be stopping fascists from going to immigrant detention centres, not walking around London. Fascism, never again!”

I got fucking pelted with bricks in a carpark by Nazis as a 100,000 smug liberals marched through London, fucking disgusting.

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