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British Roots of the New Right

A collection of twenty essays by fifteen authors, published by the Bloomsbury Forum. The air of apology for all things British, which has descended like smog over our heritage, is very much overdue for dispersal. Forgotten is the sheer past vitality of British intellectual life, which attracted so many writers and thinkers to come to Britain. Until recently, we enjoyed that welcoming tradition of debate, which made this country a preferred destination. Now we are slipping towards becoming a nation of the gagged. Standardbearers offers a reminder of what Britain and its people can and have achieved for those who have forgotten, and an introduction for those who never knew.

Softback  176 pages  


The Teuton and the Roman

By Charles Kingsley, edited and abridged by J. W. Jamieson

Contents include: The Forest Children; The Dying Empire; The Human Deluge; Latham's Germania; The Gothic Civilizer; Dietrich's End; The Nemesis of the Goths; Paulus Diaconus; The Laws of the Lombards.

Rome died and its empire collapsed when wealth corrupted the social system and continual warfare sapped the bloodstream of the original founders so that its armies had to be recruited from the diverse peoples and the nations it had conquered. The final death blow was delivered by Germanic Goths and Lombards, who had retained a sense of tribal loyalty in the procreative haven of their northern forests.

In this entertaining book the reader will be carried along by the dramatic style of the popular English writer and scholar Charles Kingsley. The text provides an enlightening account of early Germanic culture, while movingly describing the decadence of the latter-day Roman empire, and the revitalization of its Italian territories under the conquering Germanic nations that settled and repopulated Northern Italy.

Softback  122 pages  ISBN 1-878465-12-0


How It Was Done - The rise of Burnley BNP: the inside story

By Steven Smith

If you are looking for instruction on how, in just four years, through a combination of guts, drive and determination, you can mount a successful challenge in your town or city to the traitors who are ruining our nation, and in so doing become the official opposition on your local council, this is the book for you. If you wish to agitate the country's leading political and media figures into a state of important public rage as you expose their betrayal of the English people, this book is essential reading for you. If you want the true inside story of one of the great successes of English nationalism, and if you want candid character assessment of the leading personnel in the BNP, this is the book for you! Steven Smith has since quit the BNP and we are now proud to have him with us in the England First Party. We hope the man who built Burnley BNP from scratch will now do the same for the EFP. Nick Griffin - who has since proscribed Steven - described him as "a sad man with a Sandwich board". EFP leader Mark Cotterill described him as ' the best branch organiser the BNP has ever had". Read the book yourselves and you decide which of these descriptions fits Steven the best?

Soft back  81 pages  No ISBN number


The Origin of the English Nation

By Professor H. Munro Chadwick

An account of the origin of the Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Jutes and Danes with four maps showing the ancient homelands of Scandinavia, Germany and Britain early in the present era. Contents include: The Saxons; Angles and Jutes in Britain; The Angles and Saxons in Germany; The Danish Settlers; The Classification of the Ancient Germanii.

Soft back  232 pages  ISBN 0-941694-09-7


The Indo-Europeans

Translated from the work of Professor Jean Haundry

A modern text describing the Indo-Europeans: their language; and world vision; Community Structure; Religion; Institutions; Production and Reproduction and possible geographical origin.

Soft back  165 pages  ISBN 0-878465-28-7


Family, Kin and City-State

By Fustel de Coulanges; Edited & revised by J.W. Jamieson

Sub-titled “The Racial Underpinning of Ancient Greece and Rome”. The ancient European religion of Heredity and Family. Includes: The Importance of the Linage; The Sacred Hearth Fire; Marriage and Procreation; Kinship and Property; Moral Law; Gens, Phratry, Tribe and Nation; The Domestic Religion and as the Moral Foundation of the Ancient City-State.

Soft back  108 pages  ISBN 1-878465-34-1


Did Six Million Really Die?

Fourth Edition - Historical Review Press

Did Six Million Really Die? is a sober examination of the 'fantastic exaggerations' and 'accumulating myths' which grew out of the chaos at the end of the Second World War. It was an immediate success when it was published by the Historical Review Press in 1974. Since then this publication has evolved, with amendments and contributions from several writers.

Soft back  28 pages  ISBN 9-780906-879955


Blackshirts in Geordieland

by Gordon Stridiron

No region of Great Britain suffered more in the "Hungry '30s" than Tyneside and the North-East. When the Labour Government failed to stem the tide of unemployment, Geordies began to look elsewhere – to the Communist Party, ILP, and not least the British Union of Fascists led by Sir Oswald Mosley. Mosley's 'Blackshirts in Geordieland' emerge not as the political thugs of stereotypical image: instead the reader discovers a group of patriotic idealists, against communism, capitalism and war.

Soft back  256 pages  ISBN 978-1-908476-64-7


The Eleventh Hour

By John Tyndall

This book has been described as the 'Bible' of Racial Nationalism. First published in 1988, the new (1998) edition has been updated to take in the many new developments on the political scene occurring since. The book gives comprehensive coverage of all the major current issues affecting our country. It delves into the ideologies of liberalism, conservatism and the left, and also examines that of British Nationalism and its background. It contains extensive analyses of the British economy and political system. It looks at issues connected with freedom and order, the mass media, the environment, race and immigration, Northern Ireland, the Commonwealth, foreign policy and defence. It also gives a detailed outline of the development of the BNP and its predecessor organisations in Britain. The Eleventh Hour is partly autobiographical, giving an account of the author's origins, early political awakening and subsequent life's work. This is the book you must read if you want to find out what John Tyndall stood for.

Soft back  537 pages  ISBN 09-513-686-21


Overseas orders please add £4 for first book and £2 for each book thereafter

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